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Tanzania 2019

I’m very excited to announce that in 2019 I will be offering Tanzania. I can’t give you a itninary at this stage but as I worte this , it is being formuated by myself and by August it will be up on line to give you a good idea what will be covered.

What I can say is watch the video below which was taken this year in 2018 on my trip to Tanzania to plan for what will be on offered in 2019. It’s a stunning trip and what part of Africa is not stunning.

Also you will see a link to my blog that I did while in Tanzania this year. The blog that I did will reflect 80% of what you’ll see. There will be some things that you see on the blog that won’t be offered and other things will be added.

Either way it is a stunning progame and like of all of my trips to Africa, you will be inspired.

I’ll be back soon in the next few months to let you know in more detail about Tanzania. It will be offered in 2019.

Nexts years trip to the stunning Botswana and Namibia has only one spot left for each tour. If you want to join in this equally stunning trip, please email me or call me and we can book you in. Below is the blog

Africa – Tanzania 2017


This is the video that was taken this year. Pete:)

Below are a few snippets of what was taken in Tanzania.