Africa – Information Evening

October 1st 2019 7.00-9.00pm

Please note due to a double booking the information night has been changed by one day. We do apologise for the change of date for those attending.

On the night Vicki and Pete will be discussing the stunning Africa Running Wild Safaris’s latest and epic trip in 2021. The nature of Africa is that you do have to work out 2 years ahead of time.We specialize in small boutique safaris and that being the case, we do need to start the level of interest 2 years out.

The price that we give on the night is an estimate and may change closer to the time due to being almost 2 years out. The final price will not vary too much.Come and hear what Pete and Vicki have to say about this stunning and awe inspiring programe.

The max number of guests we take is 6 .This is a stunning programe that they have worked very hard to plan and put together.

If you are planning on coming on the night,you need to register for the night to gain entry. Email is   or to let us know and we can hold your seat.

Cost Free

Join Pete and Vicki  on October the 2nd Wednesday evening starting at 7.oo pm and going through 9pm.

Africa is a stunning country to visit and if you are a bird watcher, animal lover, you enjoy  photography, then Africa is for you. To do our of Safaris to Africa, you don’t have to be a photographer.

The advantage of doing a Safaria with a photographer, even if you are not into photography is that you’ll come away with far better pictures.We’ll always have you placed in the right position with the light hitting the animals where possible. That’s the biggest advantage and you are never rushed with each encounter.

Come and join in the night and see what the 2021 programe has to offer.You will be inspired.