Abstract Photography 2022

Abstract Photography 2022 is a workshop that you encourage you to see the abstract that is right in front of you. It is all about how you see things.

Abstract Photography 2022 is another aspect of photography which is great to have under your belt.Once you master Abstract Photography 2022, it gives you more options when you are out taking pictures.

October 16th 2022

Time 1pm till 5pm.

Cost $200 Based on a min of 4 people.

Abstract Photography 2022 is a  workshop that is designed for those who wish to see another aspect of photography that is often overlooked and done correctly, will have an impact on those who view your work. Nature provides patterns, textures and color in nature all the time and often we walk by and never notice the beauty nature presents to us on a daily basis. .

Our Aim

Abstract Photography’s  aim is to open your eyes to another world where once you have done this workshop, you’ll be so much more aware of the abundance of abstract beauty that is rich in texture, color patterns that are all around us.

For Abstract Photography to have a bus for the day it will depend on numbers, if the numbers are small, then a bus will not be used and you will meet us at the location in your own cars. We will know that closer to the the time.

Like all of the workshops , a tripod is always encouraged to make sure you can get the sharpest results .

Abstract can be found everywhere, we just need the eyes to see it.

What Lens?

We suggest suggest that any lens can be used to photography the abstract. The skill is not in the lens but rather the skill lies within you.

Payment Details

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