12 Apostles & Beyond Workshop Tour 2022

12th Feb – 21st Feb 2022


Cost – $4100 based on 5 or more. Less than 5 $4950

12 Apostles & Beyond Workshop Tour is 3 tours in 1!

12 Apostles & Beyond Workshop Tour  gives you an amazing experience where you will be taken by the tranquil rainforest. You’ll love it when you walk through the silence of the rainforest.  Hearing the wonderful sound of running water is relaxing.Photographing the waterfalls and fungi along with walking  on top of the trees is something that becomes a moment that you’ll remember.

12 Apostles & Beyond Workshop Tour 2022 is three tours in one. Waterfalls, rainforests and sea stacks in the ocean.

12 Apostles & Beyond Workshop Tour 2022 is 10 days  and it flies in such a short time .The rainforest with the the 12 Apostles from the ocean floor is is  a photographic experience that will leave you richer for it.

Price based on min of 4 $ 4100. Less than 4 and the price is $4950

  • What’s included – Park passes, pick up from Adelaide Motel and dropped there on the way home, bus hire, your accommodation, ( you have your own room and bathroom, no twin share unless you ask for it.)
  • Breakfast is included, not lunches and dinner.


12 Apostles & Beyond Workshop  is more than just the stunning coastline of Port Campbell National Park.We explore the rainforests in the area, stunning waterfalls and a amazing secret spot that will leave you speechless.

12 Twelve Apostles & Beyond Photo Tour caters for all levels of experience. From hobbyists and beginners, through to the advanced. The small group sizes ensure a great learning experience for all. We need a minimum of 4 for the tour to proceed. Also note that dinner and breakfast are not covered in this price . If there are 5 plus then Breakfast and Dinner are included .

Be Flexiable

One of the things that is taught is  always expect the unexpected and you’ll be surprised with images that you weren’t looking . The above image was just that. The group had just completed an awesome sunrise and we were heading back for breakfast when I saw this. Well it didn’t look quite like this but I knew that it would in time, so we did a massive detour, delayed breakie and the above picture was the result. That’s how I run my tours and workshops.

Light is the key in any photography and this trip is no different. Light is the key to photographing the 12 Apostles.

This is a tour that basically is two in one. We have the seascapes and we also have the world of rainforest and all the nature things that go with that. If you do this tour and you have a macro lens, then make sure you bring it as you will been exploring this area when Pete takes you to the Otway Ranges which is part of the tour. You still can take macro without a macro lens.

The Otways have 7 major waterfalls and we explore between 3 and 4 depending on what is happening with the weather above us. If you don’t know how to shoot waterfalls, we are there to show you how and there is nothing like a awesome waterfall to shoot.

Your accommodation on this tour is wonderful and you just don’t want to leave and this is a standard comment I get from our guests.

 12 Apostles & Beyond Photo Tour | By Pete Dobre Australian Photography Tours and Workshops


” I have just arrived at the airport . Shuttle Bus looked very familiar and made me wish I was heading off on another adventure with you guys.The 2nd trip with you was just as good as the first. Pete your enthusiasm for photography and teaching together with your outstanding knowledge of the area is a killer combination. Vicki I can’t image what a trip would be like without you on board. (Keeping Pete under control) You make an awesome pair and I’m 100% sure I’ll be joining you again somewhere, sometime.. “Catherine.

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