Vivid Sydney – Weekend Workshop

Vivid Sydney 10th -12th June 2017 ** SOLD OUT**

If you would still like to go to this with my group, email me at and I can put you on a waiting list incase someone pulls out or is ill at the time. Pete:)

Cost $670.00

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This is a stunning event to attend and it is a great opportunity of doing night photography on another level.

Over two nights we were focus on the harbour area where the main event starts.There are surrounding streets that are lit up that also provide many opportunities.

Due to the possibility of people coming from all parts of the country, you make your own way to Sydney, book your own airfares and accommodation to keep the costs down.Meals are not included in the cost.

I’m staying at the Rydges Hotel at the International section of the Sydney Airport, more details below.

The cost of this to cover my tuition etc is $670.00 over the two days.

During the course of each evening, I will be there to help you with your settings, answer any questions that you may have and to guide you. I do ask you to bring your camera manual as it is easier to find things with your manual as most camera manufactures hide things all over the place in their menus.

A tripod is a must for this event.


I’ll be staying at the Rydges Hotel which is based at the International section of the Airport. No you don’t need to be on an International Flight to stay here. The reason that I’m staying here is that there is a train that goes directly from the Hotel to the heart of the city.

Getting there and back is easy,no fuss. The rate of the hotel for the basic rooms, which is a queen room is $196 per night at the time of writing this. My ticket is booked and I’ll be there.

If you want to do this you’ll have the safety of travelling with others and sharing this moment with other photographers. Hope on line and book your adventure. You will need to still registrar with me if you are attending this workshop under Pete Dobré Photo Tours.

Remember the words that I have been saying for such a long time” The shot doesn’t come to you, you must go to it” Vivid is a stunning light show and you opportunity that you’ll have will be amazing. Yes it is in winter and even if it rains, we will still be out there.

When I did this last year,I only had one night as I did this on my way to Africa and it rained on that night. So these images were taken in the rain. At times the rain was heavy, other times, only a light shower and then there were moments, there was no rain.One cannot control the weather.I was over the moon with these images that were taken in the rain. Having two nights we have a greater chance to escape the rain but I can’t control the weather.

This workshop is limited to 8 only.

Below is a link to the hotel that I’ll be staying at.









For those who chose to stay at the same hotel, we will eat together, they have an awesome breakfast for $20 and in the evening we will have dinner somewhere together.

On the Sunday morning I’m hoping to have a session for several Hours where I go through your images from the first night.


Pete Dobre:)

0408 446 289