Murray River – 2017

Murray River Photo Tour

4th June – 11th June 2018.

Cost $4400.00

Pete Dobré’s Oz Scapes

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Bank SA

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The Murray River is a stunning River and it is Australia’s longest water way and on this trip over 10 days, you will be confronted with the ochre cliffs which given the right weather conditions will burn with color as the sun sets or rises with glass like reflections.

If you are looking for peace ion your life for 10 wonderful awe inspiring days this is it. You are on the houseboat for the 10 days and you see the world slowly pass you by and as this happens you come across so many stunning  cliff reflections, pelicans perched in the trees, skimming across the water and gliding high.

Mist and fog offer sensational opportunities where the photography leaps to another level.

This trip has so much to offer the photographer and you will come back with stunning iconic images of the mighty Murray River.

For those who need help or advice, I’m there to assist  and to guide you with your photography.

The food on these trips is out of this world and we have the most outstanding chef who will leave you speechless with the food that he serves up. People has said that outside the scenery which makes a lasting impression on you, the next thing was the food.Just stunning.

This is a trip where there is no walking at all apart from walking around the house boat.

Each night when we tie up for the evening, you are greeted with either a stunning sunrise or sunset on the burning cliffs. Once again, no walking to get the shot. You simply leave your gear on your bed and simply chose what you want for the shot. No carrying heavy camera bags. This is the ideal trip where you can relax and take pictures at the same time .

If you want to shoot the River Murray from a different perspective and come away with stunning and iconic images, then join me in 2017. This is a trip that will simply leave you speechless and in awe with what you had just shot over the last 10 days.

The pics below are a snap shot of what was taken on the trip in 2015 which was two years ago and not one person was disappointed with the trip. All were left in awe . Call me or email me on 0408 446 289 or email:      Pete:)



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