Lighthouse Photo Tour and Workshop

Lighthouse Photo Tour

25th  – 30th November  2017

Price $3200 – Includes lodging and transport, breakfast & dinner.

Pete Dobré’s Oz Scapes

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Payment – $1200 is paid up front on booking, 8 weeks out the remainder has to be paid in full unless other arrangements are made with Pete Dobré’s  Oz Scapes. If Full payment is not made 8 weeks out from the departure date, your spot will not be held and will be given to anyone waiting for any cancellations.


  • If you are thinking about a Pete Dobré Photo Tour, please book now !!!!
  • Operators that I deal with in in running my tours require commitment 8 weeks out and in the past I’ve had people booking within that time and the tour has to be cancel due to low numbers and yet if people had booked earlier, the tour would have been sold out. This is one of the tricky aspects of running tours which is the cut off point which operators require otherwise I’m charge with rooms that I cant use. Please keep this is the back of your mind when considering a Pete Dobre Photo Tour, just makes things so much easier from my end. Thanks kind regards. Pete:)


Accommodation -Scroll to the bottom to see pictures of your rooms of where you are staying over the 6 wonderful days.

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 “Pete Dobré Photo Tours as Best Australian Tour Operator Sydney 2014 by STA Adventure Travel Expo”

Thanks Pete for taking me to a new level and for showing me how to get wet!!!  I enjoyed every experience you provided for us.   Still a lot of bummers and stupid mistakes,¦ but overall I am stoked. I have not laughed as much since my twenties.  it was the best medicine ….and just the break I needed” Marg Harris ★★★★★ Pete taught me to Learn, connect and opened my eyes to what is around me. But most of all to look up and see the sky. Its immense, its ever changing and its beautiful. The BEST thing about Pete’s tours is the ‘fun ‘factor’. That’s the point of difference for me. Tiff Firth

“Just got back to Sydney a few days ago after a great Kangaroo Island Photo Tour. Now I have caught up on my sleep I thought I would take the time to say just how much I enjoyed this tour. A great group, and a great professional in Pete who was always available to answer my questions. Some. which were the same ones, but it didn’t bother him. It is hard to find someone with the knowledge and also be able to teach, Thanks for eveything Pete,” Zane Whallin   “To anyone considering this trip, I can’t recommend it highly enough. The best locations, no crowds, great advice & possibly the most important component is heaps of laughs…..thanks Pete….Ha Ha we rock (no pun intended)……Pete your enthusiasm for the task made the early starts much easier…..we don’t get up that early for just anyone” Chris Jarrett ” Great to hear of the awesome ‘fun factor’. It’s a point of difference from most other tours.” Tiff Firth “Pete, thank you so much  for an amazing time. its been incredible and I’m  so grateful and I can’t even put it into words and it is a beautiful place and really appreciated all of your kindness and good humor, all the fun, thaank  you so much. “Arwen Dyer “Pete Dobré is one crazy guy, you need to come to KI to do his rather strange fantastic photo tour” Ian Rowley ‘Gday Pete it is Lee thanks very much  and you have given me a  the opportunity to look through photography with different eyes” Lee “It was a great accident finding Pete Dobré on google looking for a photography course here in KI, I’m really glad that I did , was awesome and  it was great spending Thanks Giving with a great Turkey.” Jean Mitchel USA “Come on Pete Dobré’s  photo Tour of KI, where you get POs everyday , especially when you see dolphins jumping under the rainbows .”Alistair Nicol “Boot camp is about right!! I wish I was there again with you. Fond memories of last year and our BCT” Rosie Junek

The Lighthouse Photo Tour and Workshop is a photo workshop that will give you many photographic opportunities. On this tour we will be photographing 4-5 lighthouses and being photographers, we will spending a good amount of time at each lighthouse. Now you may be wondering, why is this tour set in the Australian winter? Well I have done this for one reason alone, that is in the hope of having dramatic storm clouds which will be perfect for shooting the lighthouses.On the 2013 Tour we had the most impressive awesomeskies due to the weather. We had rain, rainbows and dramatic skies which is perfect. In this trip, as with all of Pete’s photo tours he will give photographic instruction to you in helping you take better pictures.Pete will give you a better understanding of your camera and you will take better pictures as a result of Pete’s way of teaching. This 6 day photo tour of the lighthouses will inspire. If you love lighthouses, the ocean, sandy beaches you’ll love this trip. The other thing about this photographic workshop there is not a lot of walking so no matter what you age, you’ll be able to see all the lighthouses and enjoy your photography more. If there was one tour of mine that you would love to do but were worried about how much walking there was, well this is the one for you.:) This Tour includes all of your meals and your accommodation and transport, pick up from the central location just outside of the city and drop off. You’ll notice there are non lighthouse picture on this site that you are looking at. Why is that?  It’s because the way I run all of my Photographic Tours is that if there is something worth shooting, I will stop the bus, get everyone out  to shoot the emotive scene that is in front of us. Photography is unpredictable therefore we must be flexible in out approach to photography and if the unexpected pops up, then we jump out and capture what is outside the bus.Remember, the shot never comes to you, you need to go to the shot. Weather pending included in this tour will be aerial work over two awesome lighthouses. How awesome is that. It’s a great way to cap of an outstanding Lighthouse Photographic Tour. Min of 2 people required for this tour proceed.  $1995 per person when there are 4 or more on tour. $1595 per person when there are 6 or more on tour. $1295 person when there are 10 on Tour.

“This was my first photo tour and I am glad it was with Pete Dobre. It was fantastic and a fabulous experience. I learnt so much and had a ball with people who have the same interests. Highly recommended ☆” Jane Cowan

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  Come join Pete on this 6 day tour, as we explore the lighthouses and shoot them in their stunning settings. Not only are there lighthouses but we will come across quaint coves that are ideal for shooting. The Tour will leave from Adelaide. Our tours are always a highlight for those who come  and join us, please see the testimonials at the bottom of the main Photography Tours page. Places on the Lighthouse Photo Tour and Workshop are limited. For more information contact Pete today. On the Pete Dobré Lighthouse Photographic Tour, you stay in two sets of accomodation which means you only move once in the 6 days. Below are the two places where you will be staying. The first picture is the lovely Alexander Motel in Whyalla and the second picture is lovely delux cabins that over look the ocean. There is nothing between you and the relaxing ocean.Both the motel and the cabin, you have your own private room.There is no twin share on this 6 days Lighthouse Photographic Tour. IMG_8872blog Blog-02-Acc-lr

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