Deep Creek Conservation Park Photography Tour


7 th October 2017

Cost $395

Max of 4 people only.

Pete Dobré’s Oz Scapes

BSB 105 144

Acc 031 029 940

Bank SA

Swift Code  SGBLAU2S

Routing Number ( USA Banks ) 021000021

Payment – $250 is paid up front on booking, 8 weeks out the remainder has to be paid in full unless other arrangements are made with Pete Dobré’s Oz Scapes. If Full payment is not made 8 weeks out from the departure date, your spot will not be held and will be given to anyone waiting for any cancellations.

Time : 9.00 am through to late.

We meet at down Brighton Beach and I’ll be on the corner of Alfreda Street and The Esplanade which is north of the Jetty by several hundred metres. Look for the guy wearing the red Eternity Cap:)

Deep Creek Conservation Park Photo Tour is a great day out where we explore just Blow Hole Beach as the main focus. This is a stunning beach and offers so much to the photographer. Deep Creek Conservation Park Photo Tour is limited to 4 people as you can only access the beach by 4WD unless you are up for a long but enjoyable walk.

Blow Hole Beach others so many subjects to shoot. This is the perfect place where you can put into action  to see what is before you and through your camera, tell a wonderful story.

You have the tranquil cove and a series of wonderful shapes and textures of the rock face that is there.

You are also greeted with so many kangaroos and they provide a stunning opportunity to photography them in all forms and posses. I give you time to shoot these wonderful creatures.

The kangaroos in the park are many in number and this is the ideal place to get wonderful portrait studies of the kangaroos and it is when you have time at any given place, that you will come away with awesome shots. Here i will teach you the things that you need to watch out for yo make a good kangaroo shot and if you don’t need guidance in this area, then can just go to your hearts content. It’s all about the light when shooting these wonderful creatures.

Recently while planning this trip for you, I shot some really awesome kangaroo images and I was so excited  to post them here. When I arrived home, I discovered that I didn’t have my memory card in the camera!!! It happens to all of us. I’m old school, I still look through my camera, not at the back and inside it doesn’t flash up that you memory card is not in the camera, only on the back of the LCD. So I will go back soon and post a series of Kangaroos which are stunning to shoot.The one image that is here was taken a while ago during the summer months

Not only will be explore this area, but on the way back, we will explore the coast line and rolling hills as the low light hills the hills and we take in the wonderful Ingalalla Falls as our last shoot for the day.The last shot of the day and this is  new to the tour is a surprise where we shoot the best looking old …………. with such wonderful seductive light. What am I talking about? Well you won’t know unless you join me on this wonderful Photo Shoot for the day.

If the Tour runs in winter, you will have the rolling lush green hills and if it is in summer, you will have the browns that will glow on sunset time. Spring gives you a combination of both. Every season holds its own special qualities about it self.

No one season is better than the other. Each gives you a totally different feel about itself.

Photo Tours are great as you are with people who have the same interests and not only do you learn from myself, but you will also pick up ideas from others, you’ll see how they compose their shots, see what makes their mind tick in how they see things.That is the great thing about doing a photo/workshop where you not only learn from me, but you are inspired by your fellow new formed mates.

If you are looking for an awesome day out with people who share the same passion in photography, then this one trip is just for you. Come  and join me and explore this wonderful beach on the Deep Creek Conservation Photo Tour.

This is a wonderful day trip that packs so much in and yet you have time at each place and you will be swept away by the beauty that is there and is close to Adelaide and yet far away enough to not be over run by thousands of people. You have a sense of tranquility in this area and if you just want to sit for a while and observe all the comings and goings of the things around you while you reflect on the beach, then do so.

The costs includes your lunch and light refreshments. Pete:)

Min of 2 people , max 4






















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