Pete’s Gear

 IMG_9948blogThe gear that I use ranges from the digital world through to the film world. Yes i embrace both as there are advantages for both and there may come a time when film is no longer made and I will not be able to use my film cameras.



In this area I use the Fuji 16×7, Noblex Pro 12×6, Mamiya 645 and Nikon f100. Why so many cameras and why film. Each one of the film  cameras has its own role and I use them where I feel the digital world hasn’t matched it at this point in time. I have no doubt that in time, I’m sure digital will match it in the larger format cameras but until that comes about, I will continue to use the above cameras to achieve the results that I need.


This is an interesting area as I use both Canon and Nikon. Why would a crazy photographer use both Canon and Nikon? Well it would take too long to go into it at the moment, but I feel that Nikon is far better for low noise as my D700 is noiseless. That’s priceless!!! Both my Canons 5Dmark2 and D7 are lovely cameras but fail to give true blues. I feel that their blues have too much magenta in them and their blues when it comes to landscapes have a slight purples cast going through it. Nikon doesn’t have that at all.

The video on the 5Dmark2 is sensational, seriously this is not a toy and the results that are achieved are outstanding. Ive not played with the 5Dmark3 but I would assume that the video in that would be the same high standard if not better.


Tripods are a curse to me as in all of my years I have not come across a tripod that is sturdy and within two years doesn’t fall apart!!

I’m out on the road for 6 months a year and I have had the distributors tell me that I’m pushing them to hard. Ummm, I find that so strange . I could say a lot more about that, so I can’t recommend any tripods for people to use. I’m not saying that there aren’t great tripods out there that do the trick, but in my case, all that I have used fall apart within 2 years. So the search is still on!!!

What’s In My Bag?

That will vary over time but basically I have two camera bodies, 4 lens, my ND grads ( Photographers Best Friend), battery chargers, head light, and a few bits and pieces which I’ll mention soon. Pictures will follow soon. I’m trying to reduce the items in my bag and trying to make it move simple as the move you have, the more you have to carry and I think photography is about compromise.