Pete What He Does Best


Recently Pete Dobré was awarded-

 “Pete Dobré Photo Tours as Best Australian Tour Operator Sydney 2014 by STA Adventure Travel Expo”

Pete What He Does Best

[p]This page is simply about seeing Pete out in the field and some of the things he gets up to. Pete shoots with 2 DSLRs, a Canon 5D Mark 2 and a Nikon D700. He also shoots with two film panoramic cameras and these cameras take velvia 120 film and the results that are obtained from these two panoramic cameras is superb. Pete will continue to keep shooting with these cameras until they stop producing film.[/p]
[p]The question is , why does he shoot with both Canon and Nikon. It needs to be stated clearly that Pete has no links with either company and acknowledges that both are outstanding manufactures of photographic product.Having said that , there are limitations with any camera. Is there the perfect camera, the short answer for Pete is -NO!.[/p]
[p]In Pete’s opinion Nikon has the perfect blues. When he shoots he does nothing in the processing of the digital files to get correct blues where as Canon, the blues are dirty in color. What he means by that is that there appears to be too much magenta in the sensor, hence you don’t get the great blues as you do with Nikon, you get a small amount of purple in the blues.[/p]

[p]What Pete has to do with every single shot taken with his 5D mark 2 is open the image into photoshop, go to selective color  and make the changes there. He wished he didn’t have to, with Nikon, he doesn’t have to do that.
He uses his Nikon for all of his night photography, star trails etc as Nikon noise factor is almost non existent and Canon struggles so  much in this field. There is no comparison with the two. Having said this, these are Pete’s findings on the cameras that he is shooting with at present. Maybe things have improved for Canon in recent times, although he did see a image from the 5D mark3 and I don’t think they have.[/p]
[p]The Nikon D700 fast shutter speed is a delight and his latest book which was shot on the pelicans breeding at Lake Eyre, in South Australia’s Outback: the camera fast frame rate came into its own. All the fast freezing action shots came from the D700, the 5D mark 2 lack considerably in that area.If it was not for the D700, many of the shots in the book, would never have been taken.[/p]
[p]Canon’s blues are not that flash and the noise is an issue for the Canon, so why did Pete go with the Canon? Well at the time, the 5D mark 2 was a massive jump in pixels and being 21, it was the draw card for many and the cost factor was just so reasonable. The biggest plus at the time for Pete was the video function. In Pete’s word,’ At the time this was a massive jump in the video field and it set new standards.

[p]Many wedding Videographers had to work around the fact that the image was so sharp, many brides were complaining that the quality of the camera was showing up all their imperfections through their makeup.When this camera first came out , it was no toy, it was the real deal and set amazing new standards in the film industry at the time .The massive advantage of going down this road , was the number of lens that you could use from your DSLR set up.That in itself was a major draw card and that also opened up new possibilities.”[/p]

[p]”The area of photography is exciting in these days as things are ever changing, new ways of recording and capturing still images. The change is so fast that it is hard to keep up with at times. Just when you have managed to keep up with format, something else changes and the learning process kicks in yet again.You can;t ever get bored in this field as nothing is constant any more.”[/p]

[p]”As a photographer, what I like doing best is simply to be out there capturing what ever lays in front of me. There are times when I go out with a purpose to shoot, there is an end goal and yet, there are others times, I will go out with the flow, no purpose, no project, no intentions, no goal but rather with a deep love of what I do and just going with whatever comes my way.” says Pete.[/p]

[p]”At times I feel it is in that zone  that some of my best works are born as as you go with an open mind and the awe and wonder of what is before you, grips you and naturally pushes you in one direction.”[/p]

[p] What Pete loves most of all in his photography is capturing ” God awesomeskies ” as he puts it .For him his main source of inspiration comes in knowing God and knowing what Jesus has done for him. He is by no means is perfect and he would be the first to point out his faults to you. He just knows that his love for God’s creation is what inspires him. ” For me, to be standing there , out in the wild places of Australia and Beyond and knowing that not only did God create this, but when you know why, it sends a shiver along your spine and I’ll always be inspired at the creative process of the creative acts that God has put together. Often I have been mocked by people when they discover that I believe that God created everything in 6 days. Impossible they say, and that’s right, from our human understanding we cant comprehend that and that is what makes God God. Just  because we can’t understand it, doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen. Sometimes our own biases stop us from seeing the obvious.”[/p]

[p]Pete says..” I love the awesomeskies that God sends my way, this is my main source of being inspired, to be standing in an open field, down the beach, on top of a mountain and to be a witness to the most profound sky scapes for me is such an emotional moment. I don’t expect people to believe my world view, but it is my world view and we all have a world view where we give this place that we call Earth some meaning and purpose.”[/p]

[p]Pete whole photographic source of inspiration is based on one verse in the Bible which rocks his world. Psalm 19:1 says ..” The heavens declare the glory of God and the SKIES proclaim the works of his hands..” For Pete he sses the sky as Gods canvas where  each days he paints new formations, textures, shapes and form to inspire us here.His canvas changes on a daily basis and there is no limit to how he paints the skies above us”[/p]

[p]” For me, looking up and seeing God’s creative brush painting his canvas is a free gift to us all and it just brings me so much pleasure in life. The best things in life are free, simple and just so deeply rewarding”[/p]

[p]”I love seeing people grow in their photography, love seeing their passion grow to new dimensions and love seeing them achieve things that they thought were not possible. My photo Tours that I run, I just love doing them as I love people coming together over a common bond and in this case it is photography, to see the deep joy that they get from it.”[/p]

[p] “Wherever you may be, keep capturing the awesome images that are place before you.Pete:)”[/p]