Why Go Back ?


Why Go Back?

When we photograph a subject, we are showing the world how we see it. There are times when one viewpoint is neither better nor indifferent. There are times when there is a marked difference.

You only work through this by looking at what is in front of you and making informed choices and never rushing your shot. These shots are very different and in my opinion one is not better than the other. Others may have a preface.

I’ve looked for a strong and imposing foregrounds to off set both of the shots. So when you arrive at a location, sit down, observe and ponder and things will jump out in front of you. To often people we see what they see first and take the shot and that is it. Usually and not always, the first shot that you take of your subject is not the best angle to do justice to what you are looking at. It really does pay to look and really look, walk and observe what is in from of you before you shoot.

I love this place in Sedona and next year; I will revisit this place as this place with a few other places in the USA made an impression on myself on my last visit almost 2 years ago now.

Yes I will visit new places next year, but I won’t be doing 100 places in 12 days type of thing. I like to work an area with time up my sleeve. My deepest fulfilment comes in spending time in a location and what stirs the emotions deep within me if I’m about to experience many different moods of the location that I’m shooting. That usually comes with allowing time there.

I’ll have several places that I will revisit and I will also look forward to new and enticing landscapes to shoot in the USA.

I’ve had it said to me why go to places that others have shoot the billyo out of it: why shoot something that so many people have? Well for 2 reasons-


  1. Remember when you take a shot, it’s your view of point how you see the landscape. This is your opportunity to show others how you see life through your lens. It doesn’t matter is a million pictures have been taken of the subject. These are your interpretations of the location.

For me it is about marvelling what God has put together for us all to enjoy. Yes we will all see life differently and that’s ok as we are all different. From my point of view, I marvel at the creativity of God.

Pictures are wonderful and there are so many talented photographers out there across the globe as well as photo illustrators, but there is no substitute for actually being there and taking in the grandeur that is all around you. Just to sit there and observe what is before you.

What never ceases to amaze me is when I’m in an area where there are many people visiting the landscape, most will come and go within 10-15 minutes. Some even less.

For me just sitting on the rock and marvelling at what we have been given is refreshing for the soul, its takes me to another place within and this is and always has been my communion with God, never within 4 walls of a building.

This may surprise some but I rarely took communion within the 4 walls of a church and when I did, I felt so uncomfortable in doing so and not because it is wrong for people to take communion in that form, not at all, but for Pete, I have always viewed it as a ritual, something that needs to be done once a month on the church calendar. Having said that, I would never deny the importance and meaning for those who do it this way, as I’m sure it means the world to them. It just has never made an impact on me in that form. I have never fitted comfortably with it.

My communion with Him doesn’t come from necessity, but rather it comes simply in the spontaneity of life when I’m roaming the wild places that I photograph. I cannot explain adequately what I experience when I’m out there but I do see things and experience things that I cannot explain with clarity of thought in the natural world and I have no doubt with the conversations that I have with Him while standing in a field, while water through deep rivers, while perched on high hill tops, while driving, while standing on dunes, while lying on the ground or looking up at the stars, I have no doubt that He is speaking to me.

Life is funny, we are finite creatures, our understanding will always be limited, we can never know it all and yet, having said that, human nature says, “ well if I can’t find an explanation for this or that, then it doesn’t exits, it’s not there. If we knew it all, if we understood it all, and if we were infinite in our thinking then we would be God himself.

One day, maybe one day I’ll write the things that take place out in the nowhere places while on my own and I’m sure most will think I have flipped. In all that I do, I write as I see it, that’s all. I never ask who read my blogs to believe what I write but rather to think beyond our own experiences.

Going back to places that I have been to before, even where there are lots of people is an added spiritual moment for me, it’s a deep sense of gratitude, a deep sense of understanding and how I fit in t the bigger picture of life, although minute but not insignificant. None of us are insignificant in the eyes of God.

This will be hard for many to understand but that’s ok.

Having said this as I’ll always repeat what I say next, my belief doesn’t make me any better than a person who has no faith in God, in fact it many ways I think it makes me below that person as it is not always easy to live up to the expectations that others expect you to when one affirms a belief in God. I don’t always get it right and there are many times when I can be blamed for not getting it right due to what I believe.

Deep down no matter what we believe we all still have the same innate desires about life, about family, about friends, about love, wanting to be love and needing to be loved. We all cry, love, laugh and the emotions are all connected. That is what comes about being human.

Our perspective in our pictures is like the perspective in how we see life. We all look for a strong foreground that becomes the foundation of our life and our pictures also can have strong foundations, which also built on the strong foreground.

Pete Dobré:)


A small thought to reflect upon.”Change your thoughts and you change your world” Norman Peale.














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