The Quiet Hero – Camel Treks Australia Photographic Tour

Camel Treks Australia – The Cook – Susan


[p]I would like to take this moment to thank Susan Pearl who is such a quiet achiever and a hero. I have just arrived back from Camel Treks Australia Photographic Tour in the Finders Ranges and Susan was the cook for the 3 days that this Tour took place. Others are longer tours.[/p]

[p[Susan cooked the most amazing food over hot coals, in the flames of the open fire, all in camp overs and using the huts fire place as well. [/p]

[p]I have no idea how Susan did this but it was simply sensational. I’m a hopeless cook, useless actually and to see someone like Susan weave her magic was unreal. Watching Susan she looked like she as in slow motion, nothing seems to phase her although she tells me that she wasn’t that laid back at all.She said to me” Pete you know who you see a duck swiming, above the water they all looked composed, but their feet under the water are paddling frantically, well that’s me” [/p]

[p]It’s alot of work and cooking for this large  group was an epic effort and Susan I want to thank you for all that you did. You kept the crew so well fed and it wasn’t just how you went about your task that blew me away, it was also the type of food that you cooked. Such a wide variety of food and the menus were simply awesome . Bush tucker on the camp fire , eating around the campfire is one of the strengths of camping and your cooking enhanced that.[/p]

[p]Well done Susan, you did an epic job and I know that all  others were blown away as well.[/p]

If anyone is looking for an awesome cook to cook for you or your group then Susan is the person for you. Simply awesome bush tucker. Well done Susan.:):)















[p] Susan Pearl you are an absolute legend!!


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