ND Graduated Filter Workshop

ND Graduated Filter Workshop

Ian – “Thanks Pete your workshops are very entertaining your passion for photography and teaching is very special, I had a great day.”

Emma – ” thanks you are a great teacher!.. Can’t complain at all! Love the shots I took today! Thanks Pete!”

Karin – ” Absolutely fantastic was so worth it ”

The ND graduated Workshop which took place recently was awesome.The numbers were small this time round but that’s a good thing for those who attended as they were able to have even more of my time one on one.

Thank you Emma, Ian and Karin for being apart of a wonderful day.

The day was perfect for the NG grad workshop as I wanted over cast skies in order to demonstrate how the NG Grads come into their own on such a day.

Well we were given the overcast day along with rain in the afternoon. The day started off at the cafe and it was here that I was able to talk about the NG grads in detail, show many examples before and after and I also spoke about what not to do with them.

I love seeing people get excited. I love seeing them when they realize the light has been switched on and it all makes sense.

I love sensing the joy that comes over them and love seeing their passion flow through.

After our cafe time which was about 350 minutes,we headed to the beach and although it was windy, gusty and a rip roaring wind,I’m so proud of the troops as they never once complained.

What I find intriguing is that everyone has their own set ups, their own cameras and their own way of going about things etc. We all have our routines including myself. I love watching people at work and love to observe what they see as important to shoot.

This workshop is not designed to come home with the hero shot, ( mind you at last light, they were presented with that gift as I think they were rewarded for shooting in some pretty hard conditions in the afternoon and yet, they never complained. They might have been complaining deep within themselves, haha and if they were, it was never expressed out loud etc.

This workshop is designed to give you a good understanding on how to use the ND Grads’ and and when not to use them.

Having lunch together is always good as it gives a sense of community on these field trips. What I love about the day workshops and the longer photo Tours that run between 7-10 days is that you have a group of strangers coming together, bonds are formed through the common interest of photography and knowledge is shared .

This is for me one of life’s rich rewarding experiences which I never take for granted.

After Lunch, Karin, Ian and Emma and myself headed to the beach again but this time it was further down south.The rain continued and the troops could have complained, looked for excuses to stay in the car but no, they were there to learn, to shoot under whatever the conditions and they just did that. That’s the mark of a photographer as we are presented with all sorts of shooting days. Some are better than others and those that are not so great often it is on those days that offer the best results.

Ian was having some issues with one of his lens not talking to the camera, but he had his back up camera at the workshop so all wasn’t lost. This is a timely reminder that if you are out in the field, always take a back up camera with you. It can be very easy to think that nothing will ever go wrong with your camera.

I have been caught out once before not having a back up camera and it cost me dearly , never again.

It was just so nice to see Karin, Ian and Emma having a wonderful time, to see them learning, to observe their excitement, their joy and to see their growth in such a short time.

To Ian, Emma and Karin, thank you so much for being apart of the ND graduated full day workshop. I loved having you on board and it was so nice to see a bunch of strangers getting along so well being bonded through taking pictures. Pete:)

PS. You’ll notice in some of the pics taken that there are rubber bands holding the NDs to the camera. This is a snap shot of myself embracing modern technologies haha This is a tip, if your holder is broken or you don’t have one or you had left it home while your shooting, I always carry blue tac and rubber bands as they will do the trick for you to get you through. The only time Blue tac fails to work is if you are down the beach and there is a lot of sea spray, that will stopped the blue tac from sticking and your ND will fall off. So pack your rubber bands in your camera bag and they are a great back up. I’ve even used my shoe laces when I’ve run out of rubber bands.It’s amazing what one thinks of when you are forced to look for an alternative:)













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