You’re History

As photographers we are always constantly recording what we see. Sometimes these are deliberate recordings where we set out and we have a concept in mind, other times , we just go with the flow and whatever crosses our paths is always a delightful surprise.

When you get to the tender age of almost 55 and you look back on your photographic life and you see where your beginnings started and to see where you are now, you’ll take that trip down memory lane and so many emotions will flood back into the canyons of your mind.-well they do to me haha

For those who know me well, they know I have several love affairs with what I shoot and one of them are the  old ruins and this is how I stared my love for what I do. The skies and old ruins are my first loves and I get so inspired by both. Even at my age, when I come across these two, I never get tired of them.

This picture was taken 20 years ago on my Panoramic Camera: film based which I still use to today. The ruin is gone now, no longer standing, was knocked down by the farmer. Perhaps the iron was needed for a new project.

As you shoot over the years , don’t be surprised when you look back and revisit an area to see that what you had shot is no longer standing.

We are always recoding history, with every shot we take whether you are a pro or not , you are recording  history.How wonderful is that. Think of the millions of images that there are around the world that have captured things that are no longer standing.

This old dwelling is no longer and I have loved shooting it over the years  and while standing at these old places , I always imaged what life would be like there. As I type this it is 40 C at the moment, can you image living in this corrugated iron hut when the temperatures soars above 40C or 100F.?

Sometimes we complain about walking in the heat from the car park to the building and yet, these folk endured so much.No air conditioning in their day.

Have you recoded a part of history that is no long standing, I’m sure you have !

Our world is ever changing and the things we shoot are never static, there are always changes, even if they are small, they are still changes.

Keep shooting my friends and look back and discover what you have captured that is no longer there:)

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