America’s Fall Part 01

The light is ever changing, the seasons begin to merge until one fades and another begins. Leaves dance until they fall, they swirl in the air, flutter with a slight breeze and are ripped from their branches with strong winds and dance on top of the running waters .The colors burn with such intensity and this is the mark of  “ The Fall” here .

Shooting “The Fall” was a highlight. It is such a big event and not just for professional photographers but non professional photographers as well . Both groups go chasing the colors of The Fall.

Its like  a drug feeding the spirit of the photographer as they blaze the trail in search of that elusive shot.I have to say , at first I didn’t really know what the fuss was about but when I blazed the trail with Valerie Millett  ( a fine emerging young photographer ) and saw the intense color, the vibrance, the mountains that seemed to be  on fire with the amazing arrangements of yellows,it was like a symphony reaching its climax where all the colors were bleeding  into one.

Little did Valerie and I realized that when we embarked on our second road trip together, what an amazing and sensational and awe inspiring scene that were going to come across. We were like little kids who had discovered the untapped secret to life which no one else had. Now off course there are so many people doing what we were doing  but it didn’t take away from the sense of adventure, passion and enjoyment.

I kept getting so excited about the mountains and Valerie I think ,couldn’t understand why this Aussie guy was taken by these mountains. I tried to explain to her that we just don’t have mountains like this in Australia and we don’t. These were inspiring and left such an imprint. As I stood before some of the fine examples of Gods creative work, I  reflected on Jeremiah 32:17 where it says”Ah Lord God you have made the  heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you”

We are finite beings, God is not and I’m amazed when people want to question the existence of God and what He has done when they themselves are finite in their understanding. It can be at  times the mark of human arrogance, just coz we may not understand therefore it didn’t take place!! God is God and the fact that He brought this all into being , shows he is God.

For me ,communion with God is out in the field amongst His creation , for me it doesn’t come from taking communion in the church building, thats too rigid and stayed in its way for Pete-I’m not saying its not meaningful for those who do it, but for Pete, it does nothing for him at all. It rarely has but when I’m on my own, or even with others, my communion with God is being amongst all that He has created. Nothing pleases me more to feel His awesome nature, His presence while reflecting and standing before Him in his creative acts which are all around me.

So shooting this series of shots was simply awesome and there are no words that can describe it. The good thing  about the Fall shooting, it was not our last. Little did we know that we both were going to be treated to something exceptional and special. That comes in Part 2 of The Fall”.

The other thing that I learnt about their fall is that there “ Fall” spreads out for some time as the weather varies greatly  from State to State, hence The Fall of the leaves variesin the times it drops. It’s like the Fall has this extend period of time which makes it such a treat for photographer in the USA.

In the past I have spoken about waiting, waiting for that moment for the light to do its thing. Well Valerie and I just did that. We arrived at this very iconic spot and just waited for many hours to be so rewarded in the end.

I have to mention a lovely man whom I’ve not met, a guy called Stan Burman. He is an awesome photographer and we had just seem some of his work from this area  while we were blazing the trail and we were both inspired by his sensational images from this region. Thanks Stan, you are an awesome photographer, love your work and I cant thank you enough for inspiring us to blaze it here as both Valerie  and I were so totally rocked by what we shot.

If you can ever time your trip to chasing Fall colors in America, you will be blown away and I fully understand why people do it. If you have never done it, you will never understand.:)

Experiencing this with the emerging American Photographer  Valerie Millett was simple moment to cherish:)



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